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澳门网络赌博平台:The public fund raises the flow of gold

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内容摘要: In 2018, the asset management industry ushered in the era of unified supervision. As the most complete asset management industry in domesti...

In 2018, the asset management industry ushered in the era of unified supervision. As the most complete asset management industry in domestic trust relations, China’s public fund industry has been in the past 20 years since its inception, and has always forgotten its roots and moved forward. With a sound system, standardized operations, and professional investment management capabilities, it has become inclusive finance. Excellent representative.

On March 26th, the fifteenth China Fund Industry Bullion Awards was announced. A total of 16 awards and 117 awards were awarded to 42 fund companies, , presenting a scene of “Hundred battles and thousands of sails”. Among the ten companies that won the "Golden Bull Fund Management Company" award, there are not only the "old ten" companies such as Cathay Pacific, Castrol, and Wells Fargo, but also large fund companies such as E Funda and Yinhua, as well as the Mesozoic Era of the Great Wall, etc. of Xingquan, Guangfa, , Jingshun, . The fund companies, and even China-European fund companies that took the lead in breaking through the incentive mechanism, also won the award for the first time million funds Management Co., Ltd. The "Top Ten" Taurus has different styles but all have outstanding strengths.

In 2018, coincident with the 20th anniversary of the public offering fund industry, this award was specially set up with the “China Fund Industry 20 Years of Outstanding Contribution Company” award in recognition of the establishment of the company for more than 18 years and the acquisition of the Taurus company for more frequent and long-term performance. Better, and made outstanding contributions to the development of China's fund industry, leading the development of the fund companies, Cathay Pacific, the South, Huaxia, Huaan, Bo Shi, Penghua, Castrol, Wells Fargo Fund company won the award.

In 2017, the long-term value-added public funds raised a lot in the market of the Baima stocks. As a leader, the Jinniu Fund is even more profitable. According to the data of Jinniu Finance Network, the average yield of the stock-based Taurus Fund in 2017 is 47%. In 2017, the average yield of the hybrid Jinniu Fund was 43.76%, and the excess returns were 25.22% and 21.02%, respectively.

In the face of the complex market conditions of bond stocks in the past few years, the Taurus Fund that was selected this time showed its strength through the bulls and bears. The average yield of the 20 "Five-Year Hybrid Taurus Fund" period was as high as 248%. During the same period, Hushen 300 only rose 60%. 18 "three-year hybrid Taurus Fund", the average yield over the past three years reached 128%, while the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 rose only 14% for the same period, reflecting the long-term return ability of the Taurus Fund.

The quality of the company is full of gold

One hundred fans compete for the battle, take the wind and waves are sailing.

As the most complete asset management industry for domestic trust relationships, the public fund industry has formed the “Securities Investment Fund Law” as the core for the past 20 years. It is assisted by the rules of institutional management, investment operation, asset custody, and information disclosure. The system of laws and regulations, whether in the fund management level, the market level or the regulatory level, can achieve "there is a law to follow, there are rules to follow," to ensure the normal operation of the Fund's assets to ensure that the industry has always adhered to fiduciary fiduciary duties.

The advantages of the system are escort. In 2017, the scale of public fund management exceeded 10 trillion yuan for the first time. As of the end of 2017, the number of public fund managers reached 127, and the amount of public fund assets under management reached 11.6 trillion yuan, with 4,841 products. From the advent of open-end funds to June 2017, the average annualized rate of return of partial stock funds was 16.18%, exceeding the average increase of the Shanghai Composite Index by 8.5 percentage points over the same period; the average annualized yield of the bond funds was 7.64%. , Exceeding the current 3-year period Bank Time deposit basis Interest rate 4.89 percentage points. The public fund has distributed dividends to the holders of 1.66 trillion yuan, which has created considerable returns for investors who have long trusted public funds.

Over the past 15 years, the Golden Bull Awards have forged ahead and have been committed to selecting fund managers with outstanding long-term performance and trustworthy investors. They have also actively promoted the trust fund industry's implementation of trust responsibilities and promoted the healthy development of the industry and the everlasting growth of the industry. Among them, the "Golden Bull Fund Management Company" award is most concerned by the industry. It focuses on comprehensive inspections of fund companies from multiple dimensions such as scale, performance, and risk control. Ten companies that won the "Golden Bull Fund Management Company" this year have an average management scale of 211.695 billion yuan, which is much higher than the industry's average of 94.698 billion yuan. In the capital market where investors fully "vote with their feet", this to a certain extent reflects the investors' trust in the top ten Taurus fund companies.

Among the top ten Taurus fund management companies, Cathay Pacific, Castrol, and Wells Fargo reflected the courage and strengths of the “Old 10” fund companies. For example, Cathay Pacific Fund , in addition to winning the "Golden Bull Fund Management Company" award, its Cathay Pacific Internet + Equity Fund won the "2017 Stock Taurus Fund", Cathay Pacific Growth Mixture Fund, Cathay Pacific Medium and Small-Cap Growth Mix (LOF) The fund won the "Five-year Hybrid Taurus Fund", Cathay Pacific Lodging Advantage (LOF) Fund and Cathay Pacific New Economic Flexibility Mixed Fund won the "Three-year Mixed Taurus Fund", and Cathay Pacific Credit-Mutual Classified Bond won the "Three-Year Period" Bond Taurus Fund." In addition to the “Old 10” company, Harvest Fund , in addition to winning the “Golden Bull Fund Management Company” and “Overseas Investment Jinniu Fund Company” awards, its Castrol Emerging Industrial Equity Fund won the “Three-year Equity Taurus Fund”. Harvest Shanghai-Hong Kong-Shenzhen Select Equity Fund was awarded the "2017 Stock Taurus Fund", Harvest Optimized Dividend was awarded the "Three-year Mixed Taurus Fund", and Castrol Rewards Flexible Mixed Funds to obtain "2017 Hybrid Taurus Fund". Hushen 300ETF won the “2017 index type Jinniu Fund”. The above two companies ranked first in the overall number of awards.

The E Fund showed strong strength as a benchmark in the industry and won the 11 awards for its title. This time not only won the “Golden Bull Fund Management Company”, “Fixed Income Investment Taurus Fund Company”, “Passive Investment in Taurus Fund Company” three company awards, its E Fund consumer industry equity fund won the “three-year equity Taurus Fund”. E Fonda's medium and small-cap mixed with “2017 Hybrid Bull Fund”, E Fund Reliance Bonds, E Fund Repayment Bonds won the “Five-year Bond Bull Fund”, and E Fund Efficient Bonds won the “Three-year Bond Bull Fund”, Yi Fonda Bonds and E Fund Rewards Bonds were awarded the “2017 Bond Taurus Fund”, and the E Fund 50 Index was enhanced by the “2017 Index Taurus Fund”.

Hing entire fund also fully embodies the strong development momentum of the "Middle Age" companies. In this election, Hing entire fund won 7 awards. In addition to the “Golden Bull Fund Management Company”, the company’s full-blown asset mix (LOF), Xingquan organic growth, flexible configuration mix, and full-trend investment mix (LOF) 3 Only the fund gathered in the "Five-year Hybrid Taurus Fund" to demonstrate extraordinary strength; Xingquan Herun's graded hybrid and Xingquan Social Responsibility Mix won the "three-year hybrid Taurus Fund", and the Xingquan steadily increased profit bond was awarded " The three-year bond type Taurus Fund can be described as a debtor. It is commendable that the active equity funds of Xingquan Fund, which have been established for three years, have all won the Golden Bull Award, reflecting the success of the company's "boutique strategy." Another noteworthy feature is that Sino-European Fund has taken the lead in making breakthroughs in the incentive mechanism and achieved excellent results, showing the active role of institutional changes in the development of fund companies. In addition, Wanjia Fund has for the first time entered the “Golden Bull Fund Management Company” with extraordinary strength. It should be said that the top ten Taurus fund management companies have different winners and styles, highlighting the flourishing vitality of the public fund industry in order to flourish and courageously vie.

The "Taurus Advancement Award" is intended to encourage small and medium-sized fund companies to actively advance and standardize their development, and to achieve overtaking on the premise of legal compliance, thereby promoting the formation of a good competitive landscape and ecological development in the public fund industry. In recent years, under the new situation of increasingly strict supervision, the public fund industry has returned to the origin of asset management, cultivated hard work, and worked diligently. It will invest in research and development to create the foundation for establishing divisions and establish life, while accurately grasping the diverse market demands. , stand out in the field of masters such as forest management. The two companies that won this "Taurus Advancement Award" - Anxin Fund , Franklin is the representative of the country. Taking the Anxin Fund as an example, it advocated the development path of “small steps to get right on the right track” and determined the development goal from the outset as “becoming a well-respected first-class asset management agency”. Although it was founded at the time of the fund industry's trough, but the company did not relax in the allocation of personnel, fully follow the marketization line, and even maintain "high", "overweight" in some important positions, so that the establishment of the trust fund at the beginning It has brought together a group of outstanding investment researchers and has a relatively high starting point. "Investment, research and development, and active management, and the company's ability to achieve a level commensurate with the industry positions of several major shareholders," is a clear positioning of shareholders and management of Anxin to the company at the outset. Nowadays, with the long-term investment and stable investment investment philosophy, the Shunxin Fund has made great progress in terms of company scale and product performance.

Pratt \u0026 Whitney and Responsibility Highlights Publicity

Trusteeship, financial management. As the lowest-level public finance tool, the public fund has become an important way for the majority of investors to share the growing dividends in the capital market and realize long-term value preservation and value-added. Long-term investment and value investment represent the value and accountability of public funds.

In 2017, the stock market ushered in a wave of value investment led by blue chip stocks. The CSI 300 Index rose by 21.78%. Public funds that have long insisted on value investing have made substantial gains in this wave of white horse stocks and have achieved significant excess returns. As a leader, the Taurus Fund is even more rewarding. According to the data of Jinniu Finance Network, the average yield of the stock-based Taurus Fund in 2017 was 47%, the average yield of the 2017 hybrid Taurus Fund was 43.76%, and the excess returns were 25.22% and 21.02%, respectively.

The Jinniu Award has always been focused on guiding the fund industry to focus on continuous returns through selection criteria and awards, helping investors establish long-term investment ideas. The current Taurus Awards further increased the proportion of three-year and five-year Taurus Fund awards, and leaned toward active equity funds, continuing to reduce the annual Taurus Fund's winning percentage, in order to focus on and encourage more stable mid- and long-term investment income Products, to promote public funds to further give play to the role of the financial services entity economy, and enhance the long-term return ability of the public fund industry. In view of the continuous increase in the size of money market funds in recent years, affecting the size and ranking of fund management companies, the market and shareholders’ focus on short-term rankings has led fund management companies to pay more attention to the size of money market funds. In order to guide the fund companies to reduce their focus on the size of the money fund , they will no longer be included in the money market fund.

After a professional, objective and rigorous selection, the current Taurus Award selected a total of 20 "Five-year Mixed Taurus Fund". Although these 20 products have different investment styles, they all show the strength to cross the bull and bear. According to statistics of Jinniu Finance Network, in the past five years, the average yield of the above 20 winning products was as high as 248%, while the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 only rose 60% over the same period. The current Taurus Award also selected 18 "three-year hybrid Taurus Fund". In the past three years, the average returns of the above 18 funds were as high as 128%, while the Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 only rose 14% over the same period. In the past six years, A-shares have evolved from long-term small and medium sized structured markets to unilateral bull markets created by funds, from huge shocks and disorderly consolidation to the blue-chip market with a return to value; the bond market also entered after the end of 2016. A long way to bear. In such a market, the value of the three-year and five-year Taurus Fund is more prominent, reflecting the ability of the Taurus Fund to obtain long-term gains.

Of course, the ever-evolving public fund industry will encounter growth problems. In the past two years, the risk of short-term dramatic fluctuations in the fund's net value caused by the liquidity risk of the public funds and outsourcing funds has also become increasingly prominent. In order to guard against the above risks, the regulatory authorities issued the “Regulations on Liquidity Risk Management of Public Offerings of Open-ended Securities Investment Funds” in 2017, covering fund managers’ internal controls and fund product design, investment restrictions, purchase and redemption management, valuation and information. Disclosure and other business aspects of the specification, and for the money market fund liquidity risk management and control made special provisions. In addition, in order to treat all fund holders fairly and guard against the risks of short-term volatility of net fund value, the supervision policy for outsourcing funds was clarified, including that the proportion of individual investors holding fund shares reached or exceeded 50%, and it was not allowed to individual investors. Public offerings; single investors holding products with a fund share of 20% or more should regularly report product-specific risks.

Faced with the new industry environment and market demand, this year's Golden Bull Award will completely eliminate the monetary fund from the evaluation, and at the same time strengthen the attention and focus inspection of the subcommittee funds in the selection to guide the fund industry to prevent liquidity risk, return The source of inclusive finance promotes sound and healthy development of the industry.

Advancing with the times Excellent Excellent

Twenty years of public fundraising, fifteen years of bullfighting. In the past 15 years, the China Bullion Award for Fund Industry has always been the responsibility of investors to select funds with outstanding long-term performance. We dare not take the slightest slouch. In order to adapt to the market situation and changes in the industry, reflecting the responsibilities and characteristics of the Taurus Award, the China Securities Journal and the five associations closely follow the development trend of the industry, and constantly improve the selection rules of the Golden Bull Award, adhere to the "optimization of the best."

In view of the rapid development of quantitative investment in China in recent years, taking into account the difference between quantitative investment and traditional active investment, a scientific evaluation of the fund company’s quantitative investment team’s overall strength will help investors better understand quantitative investment products. And choose to quantify investment managers. Therefore, under the framework of the current Golden Bull Award selection, the current selection will be supplemented by the “Quantitative Investment Taurus Fund Company” award to encourage fund companies that have expertise in quantifying investment special management capabilities and promote the development of domestic quantitative investment.

At the same time, the Jinniu Award for fifteen years has always adhered to the “four public principles” - openness, fairness, impartiality, and credibility, with laws and regulations as the yardstick, based on objective data. Under the supervision of the supervision department, the China Securities Journal has established a comprehensive standard, scientific methods, and rigorous processes, bringing together the most powerful institutions in the country with fund research . With the strict implementation of the principle of selection and respect for the development law of the fund industry, the award of the Golden Bull Award has won universal recognition from the fund industry and all sectors of society. At present, more and more banks will refer to the results of the Jinniu Award when formulating a white list for agency sales. When the social security draft, it will also have won the Golden Bull Award as part of the inspection fund company.

blue-chip fund

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Fund Code fund referred the past year operating income fee
110022 easy side of consumer industries 37.96% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
000751 Harvest Real Estate Co., Ltd. 7_89456_146_65 473_931.13% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
020026 Cathay Pacific growth is preferable to mix 23.41% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase accounts mixed asset light
163412 Xingquan purchase (LOF) 23.19% 1. 50% 0.15% Buy Account Opening Purchase
Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2018-03-23





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